Wingborne hydrofoil

Wingbornehydrofoil Gallery

Progress so far...

Hull/beam/float in pool

Quarto by pool

Hull/beam/float in pool

Stephen's first time on board!

Assembly for exhibition

Assembly for exhibition

A new bag ready for infusion

Underside showing infusion complete

Bonding gudgeons to rudder stock with alignment jig

Rudder stock and gudgeon alignment jig

Hull and main beam

Reinforcing cage upright to torus joins

Cloth for cage upright to torus joins

Vacuum bagging cage upright to torus joins

Cage structurally completed

Styrofoam core and mould for beam to float bearing housing

Styrofoam core and mould for beam to float bearing housing

Laying up bearing housing and cone

Cloth in place for bearing housing and cone

Where is that leak?

Strut box

Float outer bearing housing

Rudder stock

Cage to main beam bearing alignment


Strut box lay up

Strut box bagged in "oven"

Main beam sleave inner layers

Main beam sleave outer layers

CMain beam sleave in latex bag - note light (dry!) patches

Main beam sleave scrapped due to patches of dry cloth

Cockpit seating and control console mockup

Rudder stock lay up preparation

Rudder stock bagged

Spar tubes for aero elevators

Cage pillars epoxied to torus

Main beam-using vacuum to stretch latex tube over braided carbon sleeve

Main beam curved section infusion

Main beam curved section after infusion

Strut lay up

Strut infusion

Float outer bearing housing infusion

Glen Stevens machining cage torus core

Malcolm Stevens reinforcing cockpit sides

Cage upright - vacuum removal of latex tube after infusion

Hydro stabilisers

Machining Bulb

Machining Bulb

Bulb rolling section

Bulb section fixes

John Summers rough cutting slewing ring bearings

2007 Mechanical Engineering Exhibition

Aerofoil layup

Aerofoil rib section

Aerofoil ribs

Accumulation of plugs and moulds

aerofoil plug

Aerofoil moulds

float infusion

float infusion

float infusion

Strut mould

Float plug

Float plug

Float plug

TAFE SA spray painting booth

Float plug

Our vacuum infusion apprenticeship guided by Adam Klopper from FGI

Where is that leak?

Hull layup complete

Laying in the hull core

Another good day's work completed

Whoops - try again for a closer fit

Infusing the hull

Infusing the hull

The hull - both halves

Cramped working conditions

TAFE SA composites facility

Float mould edge clean up

Joining the hull sides

Joining the hull sides

Aero elevator and fin mould

Infusing aero elevator and fin rib profile

Aero elevator and fin ribs

Cockpit side core


Wet layup of cockpit side reinforcing tape

Hull and cage uprights

Slewing ring mould, housing and bearing

Photo shoot for local newspaper - never published

Photo shoot for local newspaper - never published

2008 Student Engineers - David Lenkic, Bradley Cook, Haydn Smith, Jarryd Pfeiffer, Luke Howard, Michael Cannizzo, Alex Horstmann, Alex Frank, seated: Bradley Darlington

2007 Student Engineers - Thomas Hill, Danya Cheng, Zhi Xia, Ashok Kaniyal, Joshua Holmes, Antoni Kourakis, Keith Crouch, seated: Luke Rogers, Benjamin Newbery, absent: Heath Nankivell

Hydrofoil bulb

Luke, Dr Ben Cazzolato, Dr Carl Howard inspecting hydrofoil bulb

Trevor, Luke Bourn removing float from mould

Heath Nankivell, Trevor, Gordon Armstrong removing hull from mould

Trevor Bourn lifting hull from mould

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