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29-30 April 2010

Composites Australia & Composites CRC 2010 Conference

Stamford Grand, Glenelg
first floor map
WBHF presentation
abstract and PowerPoint slides (10 MB)
The partially completed WBHF was put on public display.
More photos

24 October 2008, Friday - Exhibition

Ridley Pavilion, Adelaide Showground flyer, 237kb pdf , map, 300kb pdf
The partially completed craft was on display at the University of Adelaide\'s Mechanical Engineering Exhibition.
The general public were welcome. Free admission and parking.

Posters and more photos

23 September 2008, Tuesday - Seminar

University of Adelaide
The 2008 student team presented their contributions to the WBHF project.

June 2008 - Article in International Hydrofoil Society Newsletter

The ultimate sailing craft - a wing borne hydrofoil (WBHF), author Martin Grimm

2008 - Sponsorship of university student project continued

December 2007 - News story in The Adelaidean

Could this sailboat become the world's fastest?

26 October 2007 - Display at Mechanical Engineering Exhibition

University of Adelaide

25 October 2007 - Press release

Bid for the world's fastest sailboat starts here

2007 - Sponsorship of university student project

The WBHF inventor collaborated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide, through sponsorship of a final year student project, to commence design and manufacture of the first full size prototype.
WBHF student project web site

12 July 2005 - Public lecture

Engineering House
North Adelaide   SA
(Information flyer)

15-18 July 2004 - Booth at the Adelaide Boat Show

Adelaide Convention Centre

9 July 2004 - WBHF web site launched

28 June 2004 - Press releases

Aussie yacht design to challenge world speed record

Defence scientist designs world record sail craft

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