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Wingborne hydrofoil

Interactive 3D vector analysis

The fundamental law of sailing

β=arcsin(sin εA/cos φA) + arcsin(sin εH/cos φH)

βApparent wind angle
εAAero drag angle
εHHydro drag angle
φAAero elevation angle
φHHydro elevation angle
FAAero force
FHHydro force
VAApparent wind velocity
VHWater flow

Further information

Ultimate Sailing (4.8Mb, PowerPoint slides, July 2005)
A Fundamental Theory of Sailing and its application to the design of a Hydrofoil Sail Craft , (559kb pdf format, Technical paper, October 2001)
An interactive 3D vector analysis showing the velocity triangle and the net forces acting on the WBHF can be toggled on theInteractive 3D CAD model (240kb)
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